Frequently Asked Questions
Why on earth would I ever need a business coach?

The fact is you don’t really need a business coach. However, when it comes to growth, professional development and ongoing success, it definitely doesn’t hurt. Tennis players don’t rely on their natural abilities alone to win tournaments, so why should you work on your business alone?

A business coach can provide an expert opinion and secondary opinion, helping you become more profitable, more relaxed and confident and more efficient, as well as ensuring your work-life balance is just that – balanced.

Your coach is an unreasonable friend who has your best interests at heart and provides objectivity, accountability, ideas, insights and strategies to keep you moving on the path you’ve set – especially when the going gets tough.

You don’t (necessarily) need a coach to survive in business, but you will need one to thrive.

I don’t have time to do a strategic business assessment. Can we just move on with it?

There’s an old Russian saying that says “It doesn’t matter how you get there if you don’t know where you’re going.”
This is where we start. We determine where we’re going by spending three hours to a day with you and possibly your team, learning as much as possible about your business, personal goals, challenges, frustrations, needs and potential.

Your coach will specifically work through three items with you: a snapshot of where your business is right now; your personal and business goals, and a review of your ‘9 Keys’. What’s more, all of the crucial information needed to develop the blueprint of your Strategic-Action-Plan will be pulled together.

Does a Coaching Program mean we’ll have to work harder?

Absolutely not! If you put in the effort now, you’ll soon enjoy a less frustrating work life and a more fulfilling personal life.

Your Business Coach will help you make your goals a reality, growing and improving your business quicker and with more confidence. You’ll get the right answers in a one-to-one environment, so you’ll know what to do and how to do it, allowing you to grow your business more effectively with reduced effort.

Your Business coach will work with you on the ‘9 Keys to a Profitable Business’ (Strategy, leadership, team, systems, marketing, sales, delivery, finance, admin) and all of the elements of your Strategic-Action-Plan.

Put simply, you’ll be achieving a great deal more with the same or even less work than before.

How long will we have access to our coach?

In short – as long as you need (or want) us. You and your business are unique and will have individual requirements. You’ll be provided with the support, motivation, accountability and knowledge as and when you need it, for as long as you need to it to achieve your goals.

Each month you’ll see goals become reality and gain the knowledge and skills to make it happen again and again.

Over time, the way you work with your coach may change. Your coach will become an integral part of your business, just like your lawyer or accountant.

How will I be sure this will work in my industry and my business?

Your coaching program and tools have been specifically designed for you, a beauty industry business owner.

All of the ideas and strategies are ‘reality-based’ and have been used successfully by other beauty salon businesses.

You’ll have access to literally hundreds of profit-building strategies specifically designed for your industry.

Your coach only works with businesses in the beauty industry, ensuring specificity and expertise.

How much effort will I need to make?

In the first few months it will take some work to adjust (we’ll help with that), but the further you get into the program, the less effort you’ll have to make.

You will be amazed at how focused you’ll become and how much you’ll achieve.

With your focus and our coaching, you’ll be achieving a great deal more with the same or even less work than before.

How much will this cost us?

It won’t cost you a cent… if it doesn’t work for your business. In most cases, you’ll actually save money by exposing approaches that waste money because they aren’t working. The whole aim is to make you far more than it will cost you… while we grow your business with reduced effort.

There are charges for our time of course, but to make more money you may have to spend some money. Our first goal is to work with you to generate more profitable cash-flow to re-invest in the growth of your business.

‘Re-investing for growth in your business is a vital process to ensure you create a ‘well-oiled systematic profitable business machine’ that your team runs for you. It’s all about more time and money for you, the business owner.

I’m already under time pressure. How will I find the time?

We’ll show how to ‘make time to make time’.

There will be new tasks to perform (not extra tasks) and you’ll learn how to get more work done with less effort on a day-to-day basis.

In three to six months, you’ll begin to see the results of all your efforts and, if you choose, you can begin working less!

It’s important to remember it’s about changing what you do with your time, not putting in more of it.

What am I in for when I take on the program?

Firstly, your business coach will help you become 100% focused on your goals and the step-by-step processes that will help you achieve them.

Secondly, you’ll be held accountable to get the things done you’ve committed to and not just for the day-to-day running of your business.

Thirdly, you’ll learn, on a one-to-one basis, as many of the profit and business-building strategies and approaches as you need or choose.

Can you guarantee the outcome?

Absolutely! We can’t tell you exactly what the outcome might be, but we absolutely guarantee that (as a minimum) you will increase your profit by more than you invest with us, or we will refund every cent you’ve spent with us… no excuses! And you get to keep all of the coaching program materials and information.

Ultimately, only you can be truly responsible for your own success and it’s you who will have to do the work.

You’re guaranteed to receive the very best service and support available. Your questions will be answered fast and help provided promptly. The approaches you learn about will be innovative and expert-backed.

When is the best time to get started?

Now! Today! Before you waste another dollar or miss another family event! If you wait for the “perfect” time to start, that time will never come. The reality is you’ll never get started unless you get started.

Do you still believe that working harder will make it better? It almost never does! What you know got you to where you are now. To get to where you want to be, you’ve got to make some changes and probably learn new things.

We specialise in your industry...

You’ll benefit from our proprietary system developed specifically for beauty salon owners, based on years of hands-on experience. As business owners, coaches, authors, and guest speakers, we have our system down-pat and we know it works.

Results focused solutions. No fluff!

You’re given specific tools and strategies to move you and your business forward fast. The focus is on results and ‘no fluff’!

We work with the same winning mind-set we’ll instill in you.

A winning mindset is paramount to your business success and achieving your goals quicker. With the help of your coach and proven strategies, along with the lessons learned from our own mistakes as well as those learned from the hundreds of businesses we’ve coached, your success is on the fast track!

Real-life strategies… not just theory!

You’ll benefit from real life, tried and tested strategies to help you gain more control in your business and enjoy the lifestyle you and your family truly deserve. No text book or lecture room theories here.

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