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Do your employees regularly take home more money than you?


Do you find it hard to pay your bills on time?


Are you working longer hours for less money?


Is stress a daily part of your life?


Does it feel like your employees are managing you instead of the other way around?


Is your home life suffering because of your business?


Are you unhappy, but don’t know what to do next to turn things around?

If you answered YES

to two or more of the questions above

then Beauty Salons Coach is designed specifically for you…

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Minimising Mistakes & Maximising Happy Clients

Minimising Mistakes & Maximising Happy Clients

You’re entering the wonderous world of the beauty industry. Whether you’re having a fresh start or coming from years of experience, I’ve seen businesses old and new make the same few mistakes. Whether you aim to be the next big thing or maintain a humble clientele,...

How to Hire the Best and Avoid the Worst

How to Hire the Best and Avoid the Worst

An additional member to your busy team should be a blessing rather than a curse. With a busy schedule, it’s difficult  to know what you’re looking for and what should be acceptable for hiring and who should be avoided. But with the amount of time and money that’s...

Achieving Team Harmony

Achieving Team Harmony

Your team is the fundamental structure of your beauty salon. You could take a lovely and expensive interior and show off some fancy equipment, but ultimately, your team will keep your business afloat and therefore it’s important to maintain a collaborative and happy...

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