All around the world, entrepreneurs succeed in business – some wildly so and often against all odds. By adopting the savvy habits of successful entrepreneurs, you can take your salon business to the next level, so you’ll never have to envy another salon’s success again!


Here are 20 ways that entrepreneurs set themselves apart from the rest. Read, take note and start thriving in your business.


  1. They write everything down.Everything! Relying solely on your memory isn’t just exhausting, it’s inefficient. Write it ALL down instead: appointments, contacts, reminders. Your productivity will improve, you’ll keep your energy focused – and you’ll revel in the big tick of achievement when the task at hand is done and dusted!
  2. They get in line and stay in line.Salon owners are great ideas people. But we tend to get side-tracked by new notions and shiny objects. To keep productivity on track, you have to get in line and stay in line. Keep chipping away at your current task until it’s ticked off. Then, and only then, move onto the next task.
  3. Their productive days start in the evening. Yes, that’s right! A productive tomorrow begins today. This includes cleaning up after dinner, putting the kids to bed, flicking on the dishwasher and getting your clothes ready for the next day. Getting it done the evening before leads to a nice and relaxing start to the next day, free from chaos and stress.
  4. They create To-Do lists. Take just ten minutes each evening to write a To-Do list for the next day. Watch your productivity boom and your anxieties fall away.
  5. They manage their time.Use a diary every day for your time management. Separate your business and personal tasks to ensure you’re getting a good balance of each done every week.
  6. They set reminders.For all their daily activities, even the smallest tasks – so nothing gets forgotten.
  7. They delegate and outsource.If you can’t do it, don’t understand it or it takes up too much of your valuable time, find someone who can. No job is too small or too big to delegate.
  8. They keep track of emails. Create folders for each contact or client in your inbox. This will help you avoid confusion and give you quick access to the information you need, when you need it.
  9. They create organised homes. Your home should be a hub of organization – meals planned, a little bit of washing done every day (so it doesn’t pile up for your precious day off), bills paid on time, household chores scheduled and rostered.
  • They declutter.If you haven’t used it or touched it in a year, then consider ditching it from your home or office. Your spaces should be clean, streamlined environments, not cluttered rooms that invite chaos.
  • They unpack. As soon as you arrive home, unpack your bag. Whether it’s shopping bags, your handbag or luggage. Put everything back in its place, ready at hand when you need it.
  • They say no.Saying YES to everything gets overwhelming very quickly and then it all starts to feel impossible. Instead, say NO when you need to. This will help keep your business and personal life manageable.
  • They share the load. It’s like delegation, but at home. Ask for help from your partner or family to get your everyday tasks completed. Just like raising kids – it takes a village to build a thriving salon!
  • They are determined. Entrepreneurs set very clear goals and doggedly go about achieving them. Growing your business, increasing sales and hiring new team members are all achieved by getting several micro-goals executed successfully. Stay determined, stay on track.
  • They’re not afraid to take risks. Confident entrepreneurs get the job done even under the most stressful conditions. They understand that big challenges lead to even bigger rewards. Where others focus on the challenges, confidence lets entrepreneurs spot the opportunity and focus on the rewards at the end instead.
  • They’re passionate about their business. Enjoy what you’re doing. Sure, there will be long days and longer nights. At times, your business will absolutely consume you. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, those stresses and obstacles will amass on your shoulders and eventually become too much. But if you’re passionate about your business, you will see the hard times only as stepping stones to success and happiness.
  • They’re adaptable. Extremely adaptable people can respond quickly to any situation. By being open to new environments and challenges, you can make fast decisions, navigate trouble and thrive in tricky environments where most couldn’t.
  • They understand money. Even if you’re bootstrapping your business on personal credit cards or overdrafts, you need good money management skills. Poor financial decisions, like overspending or badly allocating funds, can ruin your salon business fast. You need to have a clear financial map. What are your weekly expenses? How much can you allocate for non-essential items? What’s your break-even?
  • They network. Instead of collecting random business cards and faceless contacts, focus on building meaningful, value-based relationships. True networking is about deep, mutually beneficial relationships that lead naturally to business opportunities.
  • They plan and set goals. Plans and goals are essential building blocks to your salon’s success. Without goals, you’ll inevitably just keep repeating the same old stuff and never get ahead. Break your goals down to bite-sized pieces and start chewing through them. Pursue the big picture instead of just getting by each day.


Running a salon business will bring successes and failures – but neither is final. The important thing is to keeping building on successes and learning from failures. By adopting the clever habits of successful entrepreneurs, you’ll start to see the successes overtake the failures – and, in no time, you’ll be reaping the rewards you deserve for all your hard work and persistence. If you are interested in finding out more contact Beauty Salons Coach today.


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