Every salon owner wants to attract new clients; after all it’s essential for ongoing business growth. Many salons have unique and successful ways of going about this, while others are floundering, relying on sheer luck to bring new clients through the door.


There’s no need to rely on luck when it comes to attracting new clients. Here are just a few ways you could tweak existing marketing efforts to build your customer base and see a continued stream of clients flow into your salon.


  1. Target your ideal new client


It is such a waste of time, money and resources to target the wrong type of new client. Your ideal client is not absolutely anyone who walks through the door prepared to pay you money; it should be someone who is the perfect fit for your salon’s facilities, location, talents, strengths and client experience.


If you want to see genuine long-term business growth, target these (and only these) clients. Why? Because your ideal client loves what you do, they buy regularly from you, they’re easy to service and they will refer you to their friends. Therefore, these clients are highly profitable. Focus every new client marketing effort on targeting your ideal client base and they will convert into loyal clients faster and more easily.


  1. Team up with other local business


In the past, networking has been exclusively for the confident and successful, but it is such a powerful tool for all businesses. These days, you can use social media to engage, chat and share ideas with fellow businesses and potential clients. Twitter in particular is a great networking tool as it allows you to effortlessly join other people’s conversations and strike up new friendships with ease. Of course, Facebook and Instagram also offer excellent tools for networking so it’s really about what you’re most comfortable using.


Once you’ve built some solid business connections, team up and help each other – jump on their marketing activities, seduce their customers and offer them the same opportunity. Make sure you look for business partners who target the same audience as you to maximize new business and remember that this is a long-term solution – you need to build trust and strong relationships for this to work and that takes time.


If you are working closely with another business, I always recommend getting your designer or marketing agency to write and design the materials to ensure consistency and maintain your high standards. Always remember that this needs to be a win-win experience for both businesses to thrive.


  1. Dominate on Google


To attract new clients you simply must rank highly on Google. It’s proven that up to 33% of us click on the first search results shown by Google, with only 18% visiting the second result. You really can’t afford to be much lower than that these days.


Ranking on Google isn’t easy and SEO isn’t a quick and dirty fix; it doesn’t just happen. If you want to be the first website potential clients see when they’re browsing salons, you must invest time, effort and money into your ranking. To maintain a high ranking, your website needs to be extremely well designed, have exceptional content and SEO. Simply looking good won’t do the job.


For your website to lure in prospective clients it should:

  • Be mobile friendly
  • Be attractive, simple and easy to navigate
  • Include a price guide page
  • Show your phone number consistently
  • Make a good first impression – no spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, poor copywriting, blurry imagery etc
  • Include call to action
  • Feature a blog with tips, trends and advice


  1. Understand the power of a recommendation


Recent research from the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) shows clients are twice as likely to try a new treatment if a friend or family member recommends it. Imagine the potential clients you could attract if your existing clients recommended your salon to just two friends…


So what makes a client recommend a salon? You need to make them feel fabulous about themselves. Wow them, and inspire a sense of trust in your clients. Trust is fundamental when it comes to recommendations – your clients must feel confident that if they recommend you, their friends will enjoy the same level of satisfaction they have.


  1. Make your salon’s socials count


To make sure your socials are at their peak you need to look good online and create a winning first impression. A messy scrapbook of blurry images and salon gossip is not going to entice prospective clients to pick up the phone and book. Make sure your social profiles are search engine optimised so you are easily found on Google.


Secondly, just because you can do your own social media, doesn’t mean you should ignore the professionals – they exist or a reason. Look at the big salon chains and think about the time, effort and money they devote to making their socials look and sound professional. There’s a reason they invest so much into this.


Obviously we don’t all have the marketing budget of big salons and there are cheap ways to make your socials. Make your posts personal, reply to comments on Facebook and Twitter, run competitions, natter on Twitter and build relationships on LinkedIn and Instagram. When it comes to social media, you get out what you put in.




Remember that all your marketing efforts work together to make your salon an attractive business. Giving equal weight to all of these suggestions will ensure your salon sees more valuable clients sign up and your salon will continue to thrive.


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