Your team is the fundamental structure of your beauty salon. You could take a lovely and expensive interior and show off some fancy equipment, but ultimately, your team will keep your business afloat and therefore it’s important to maintain a collaborative and happy dynamic between members as well as great communication skills. But beauty salons are bustling and busy, so how can you effectively manage your team? 

Understand your team

Every member of your team will hopefully be busy and productive during the course of the day. This means minimal time for proper verbal instruction, and that’s why it’s actually incredibly important that you’re able to relay information in a quick and easy manner. An easy way you can do this is, having photos of the standard of organisation you expect. 

Printed images that indicate how you want each work station to be kept will best communicate the standard you expect. This is especially important for your reception desk, where money will be presumably kept and therefore organised. Simple things like how notes and coins are organised for change, how the EFTPOS machine is kept and stationary is set out can be easily represented through a printed image with relevant arrows and labels. Crystal clear communication will prevent mess and improve how your beauty salon will be managed. 

Your salon has a lot of things to organise. How equipment is stored, towels are folded and retail products are displayed should remain consistent regardless of who is in charge of taking care of all these tasks. Quick snaps of how exactly you want them to be set up will minimise mistakes and keep your salon tidy. You’ll avoid repeatedly explaining menial tasks and effectively save time when training and organising staff. Such a small strategy can really do a lot to improve the inner workings of your salon! 

Less is more

Say you want to maintain verbal communication, but it seems like nobody’s listening. It can be incredibly frustrating to not be heard, but it is important to remember that saying less will often be more effective than long staff meeting lectures. You want your staff to value every word you say. The longer your talks, the less they will absorb. So, try to be concise and succinct, and above all, be patient. A busy work environment is a successful one, so there are often times where communication can be limited and difficult to maintain.  

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