Despite possessing the required technical skills, offering amazing customer service and being truly devoted to their work, many salon and spa owners struggle to become financially successful. They go home week after week without a decent wage and live constantly on the edge of burnout. Despite all the hard work, their efforts often go unrewarded. 

As customer service professionals, salon and spa owners always go above and beyond to provide the best possible experiences for their clients. Many feel guilty or selfish if they prioritise business needs ahead of clients or anything else. This unwillingness to put their own needs first is a major and all too common issue that prevents spa and salon owners from seeing their businesses thrive. 

When performing safety demonstrations before take-off, flight attendants always explain the importance of putting your own oxygen mask first before assisting anyone else. Because, of course, you need to be able to breathe if you’re going to be of any help to others. This is exactly how spa and salon owners need to approach their business! 

Too many spa and salon owners resist taking on this sensible and practical advice. They worry that putting their own needs first will actually hurt their business. They try helping others with oxygen masks while struggling to breathe themselves. But if you want to grow a healthy and sustainable business that clients can rely on for years to come, it’s essential to put your business needs first. 

Service Pricing 

Too often business owners resist increasing prices for their services, even when those increases are not only fair but many years overdue. They feel guilty suddenly asking for more money from loyal clients. They worry clients will leave in search of cheaper services. They feel greedy asking for more money. 

Asking your clients to pay a fair price for the amazing service they receive is not greedy and you should never feel guilty for it. Loyal regulars will stick by your side through a price increase because they trust you and want to keep supporting the great work you do. 

While some customers will refuse to support you through an overdue price increase and will seek out a cheaper salon, losing their business is probably for the best. These are not the kind of clients who are going to help you grow a happy and sustainable business that can provide for your family, keep your staff employed and fulfil your dreams of being a successful business owner. 

Difficult Customers & Staff 

As we know, the customer isn’t always right. Sometimes clients are outright disrespectful of your salon’s policies. No shows, late cancellations, late arrivals – you know the type. Without any consequences, these disruptive behaviours tend to worsen.  

Then there are employees who behave in similarly disrespectful ways and hurt your business more than clients who don’t show up to appointments. Employees who change clients’ appointments without permission to suit their own schedules. Employees who don’t put in any effort to reach realistic sales targets. Employees who insist on taking time off during your busiest periods. Employees who entice clients to start coming to their home salons instead. 

All these behaviours escalate when the owner doesn’t step in to put business needs first. And it’s not just the business itself that suffers as a result. 

What happens when you don’t put business needs first: 

  • When you refuse to increase your prices, your expenses will inevitably exceed your revenue. As overheads continue to increase, so does the cost of running your business. 
  • When difficult clients and employees are making your life miserable, your stress levels rapidly increase and you quickly hit burnout. 
  • When keeping your business open becomes too expensive and unsustainable, or too stressful and unmanageable, you’ll have to call it quits. 
  • As a result, all your employees will suddenly lose their livelihoods until they find new jobs, struggling in the meantime without a stable income. Your suppliers will suffer losses to their own businesses. You will feel the heartbreak of letting your dreams go astray. And while your loyal customers will undoubtedly be disappointed, they will soon find a new salon where they will pay the very price you were unwilling to ask for when you most needed it.

So if you want to look after your clients, the wonderful team that works for you and the suppliers who rely on you as much as you rely on them, you have to ensure your business is on a sustainable path into the future. 

If you’re guilty of avoiding price increases and being too lax with difficult clients and staff members, it’s time to get back on the path towards long-term success. And that means putting on your own oxygen mask first and then worrying about everyone else.  For more information contact Beauty Salons Coach today.

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