These days, finding a fabulous beauty therapist can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. With dwindling numbers receiving their qualifications, there are less and less people entering the industry, making finding staff incredibly difficult.

So just how do you ensure you can hire the best therapists? By making your salon the best of the bunch. Here are four ways to position your business as a salon others want to work for.

  1. Look to yourself
    When hiring new staff, you need to first look inwards and ask some difficult questions. Why would someone want to work for you? What can you offer that differentiates your business from any other? What is the culture like at your salon – is it welcoming and friendly or cold and sterile?Once you identify these answers, you’ll be able to determine how exactly you will attract new staff members. Take a positive approach, promoting a happy workplace and ensuring that all existing employees are enjoying their work. They might know someone looking for a role – you never know where the opportunity will strike!
  2. Make a planThere’s nothing worse than hiring under pressure. Faced with a staff shortage, you aren’t in control of the process and may change your approach based on urgency.

    While it’s nice to think that your team will stick around forever, the reality is they won’t. It’s becoming rarer and rarer for individuals to be ‘one-company workers’, so it’s worth putting in contingent plans for when they do eventually move on.

    The best way to estimate future staffing needs is to anticipate what your current employees are doing. Ask each and every member what their six-month and yearly plan looks like – if you know that a few of them are eyeing off an overseas adventure, or looking to start a family, it might be time to put the structures in place for replacements.

    While you definitely don’t want to be pushing anyone out, always keep an eye out for talented therapists. This way, when the time comes, you know exactly where they are and how you can entice them to your salon.

  3. Write a great job adThe best way to stand out from the crowd is to shake up your job ad. Any beauty therapist looking a role will be used to a spiel about enthusiasm and passion, so why not attract their attention with something completely different?

    Instead of focusing of what they could give you, let any potential applicant know what you could give them! Explain the salon culture and team, potential for training and career development and exactly what they would be doing in the role.

    You should also consider your scope for benefits – are there valuable elements you could add to the package that might entire additional applicants? These need not be incredibly expensive, but could include regular team building activities, loyalty in service initiatives and clear career progression opportunities.

    For something really different, why consider using some multimedia? A picture or even short video could do wonders in attracting the right talent.

  4. Go wide, not narrowWhile some qualifications are imperative (for example, must be beauty therapist!), there are some stipulations that can harm your chances of finding the perfect fit. For example, stating that the therapist needs five years experience may limit your choices, excluding those fantastic therapists that may have experienced exceptional career progression in four years. If you state only full-time, you could be restricting return-to-work mothers who have worked in salons for the better part of 20 years.

    If you keep your specifications wide, you have a better chance of finding the perfect professional and personality fit. If they are the right person for you, you’ll find ways to work around their availability and experience – for example, you may be able to offer additional training or amend hours so that the employee can go home in quiet periods. It will make your hunt that much easier and pay off in the long run.

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