Did you know that, depending on the size of your salon, you could be missing out on anywhere up to $100K per year from add on sales that never happen? You know that extra serum with your signature facial? The brow tint with the lash tint or the gel upgrade with your renowned pedicure? Ignoring these simple add on sales can be detrimental to your business.


Anything from lack of time, training and inexperience can be why your salon might be missing out on this easy source of income. The good news is it’s easy to tweak things in your salon so you can start making the most of these add on sales and boost your revenue.


Here are 6 ideas for maximising add on sales:


  1. Never Miss an Opportunity

Recognising when is a good time to offer a client an additional service is integral to successful sales. The ideal time to offer an add on is during the booking process. Not only is the client’s service history at your fingertips for quick review, if an additional service is added to the appointment at the booking stage, it will eliminate the need to squeeze something extra into the allocated appointment time on the day. You should always keep a relevant extras list at reception for quick referral. This allows your staff to quickly suggest suitable add ons for clients over the phone or in person.


It’s important to remember that many clients come to your salon to relax and recharge, so the last thing you want your staff to do is to talk at clients throughout the entire treatment. This means you need to be strategic about offering additional services and know when enough is enough. Once a relaxation-based treatment has begun, the time to upsell is over.


  1. Make Upselling Part of Your Treatments

Many salon owners complain that there isn’t enough time to suggest and offer additional services for clients. If an add on takes extra time, it can cause your therapist to run late for the next appointment and cut into the time of other clients. A great way to avoid this is to offer premium replacement add ons. For example, offer an upgraded mask in place of a regular mask, a gel polish instead of regular nail polish, or a brow tint while a lash tint is developing.


Remember when upselling in the treatment room, it’s important to phrase your suggestions in a way that highlight the benefits of the treatment without being pushy or intimidating. Always be upfront about additional costs to avoid awkward moments at the payment stage.


  1. Goal Setting

Setting individual sales goals for team members is a great way to encourage accountability and motivation in your staff. Make time at the beginning of each day to spend a few minutes with your team to review their clients for the day and discuss beneficial add ons for each.


Introducing daily goals for each therapist based on their number of clients can be a great way to boost performance. Ensure you follow up with staff at the end of each day to congratulate extra sales and discuss new strategies for improvement. The most important thing is to set goals, create accountability, review performance and provide support and encouragement.


  1. Team Training

Your therapists need to know both what is expected of them and exactly how they can achieve it. Keep in mind that training on any topic is not a ‘do-it-once-and-hope-it-sticks’ activity; it needs to occur regularly and be reinforced constantly to ensure success.


The best, most successful training methods are those that are inclusive and fun. Make sure training encourages your therapists to share their own ideas, suggestions and solutions, rather than simply sitting back and switching off. Make training a team effort and you will be rewarded with a higher level of participation and real life results.


  1. Changing the Employee Mindset

Salon therapists are not salespeople, so it can make staff feel uncomfortable if they’re asked to push additional services on their clients. Therapists often care for nurturing their clients and don’t see selling as part of this process. But it’s important to see add ons as being beneficial for both parties – clients should be encouraged to invest in additional services that will help them achieve their short and long-term goals. This sort of selling will strengthen the relationship between therapist and client.


Bad selling happens when a client is pushed to purchase something that they don’t want and won’t benefit them, which may damages the client / therapist relationship. Once your staff understand this, they are likely to feel more positive about suggesting additional services and will launch into making beneficial recommendations.


  1. Client Awareness

Making sure your clients are aware of the additional services available to them sounds like such a simple fix, but it’s amazing how many salon owners don’t advertise this. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your clients are fully aware of all your spa has to offer. A great way to create awareness is to add your additional services to your Treatment Menu, grouped with the services they complement.




There are plenty of other ways to generate additional salon profit in your salon. For more advice on how to leverage add on sales, get in touch with Beauty Salons Coach today!

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