When it comes to your salon, having a positive energy or vibe is so important – it can essentially make or break your business. While it has a lot to do with your personal attitude, being surrounded by negative people can also have a profound impact on the energy of your workspace.


No matter how positive you are it’s hard not to be sucked into negativity when it’s all around you. If your staff and clients spread negativity, morale within your salon will begin to suffer. Productivity will come next. In a salon environment your clients are likely to pick up on these negative vibes, making some reluctant to return. The effect energy is a very real thing, which is why it’s integral to ensure your salon is a negative free zone at all times.


So how do you go about this?


Create a space where people want to come to work


You want your salon to be a workplace of choice so you can select the very best therapists to work with you. It’s important to remember that negativity attracts negativity – if your team is overwhelmingly negative and many of your clients share this too, you are going to attract new staff and clients like this. If your salon is a positive and fun place to work, you will attract bubbly and talented therapists who want to come to work. It’s as simple as that.


Make sure you encourage staff members to leave their personal problems at home – once they walk through the door, it’s important they put work first. Your therapists must understand that they are part of a team – their colleagues are relying on them, you are relying on them and of course, your clients are expecting a high level of service from them.


Ensure you have a bully free workplace


Remember that you have an obligation to prevent bullying, which thrives in a negative or toxic environment. If issues do arise, make sure you address them while they’re small – you don’t want to let problems (especially those between staff members) get out of control. It’s a good rule to never let the sun go down on a negative situation, even if it means you have to organise a quick chat after work.


Of course, things aren’t always going to go right, but when negative situations do arise, it’s important that you talk about it and do your best to make change. It’s negative conversation just for the sake of it and a culture of bitching and bullying that we are specifically talking about here.


Many people believe salon environments have to be bitchy, purely because they’re often female dominated, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you push your staff to be their best and actively practice positivity, the rest will follow.


While it’s integral to be strict about making your workplace a negative free zone, you can’t forget to have fun. If your salon is all work and no play, it will become dull and boring. Our industry is full of creative individuals who love to have fun, love a change of pace and thrive on a challenge. Speak with your team, let the ideas come from them and you can’t go wrong. If you make a resolution to make your workplace positive and fun, you’ll see morale improve very quickly.




There are plenty of other ways ensure your salon is a negative free space. For more advice, get in touch with Beauty Salons Coach today!

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