You’re entering the wonderous world of the beauty industry. Whether you’re having a fresh start or coming from years of experience, I’ve seen businesses old and new make the same few mistakes. Whether you aim to be the next big thing or maintain a humble clientele, it’s important to remember these key lessons. 

Value your regulars

Attracting new clients is increasingly difficult, with so many different salons across social media to lure potential customers away. So, before you dream of an incredibly long client list, aim to establish close relationships between you and your regular customers. Trustworthy service and a pleasant atmosphere is key! 

Maintain the same quality of service with every customer

You want your beauty salon to be a staple beauty call, not just a salon chosen only out of convenience. That’s why you want to make sure you’re presenting impressive work every appointment. It sounds like a tiring gig trying to impress every time, but continuously pushing yourself to offer the best quality of work will attract and maintain customers. Salon businesses often have clients that show up once and never again. That’s a sign of complacency and laziness that your salon should aim to avoid!

Always look for things to improve on

There are a number of reasons why you may be losing clients. It could be cleanliness, service or atmosphere. Regardless of what the problem is, it’s important to always strive to fix these foundational elements of your salon. There is no point adding new shiny services if your clients have a problem with something as basic as the atmosphere of your salon. 

Seek realistic results from your marketing campaigns

Aiming to achieve massive numbers through seemingly perfect marketing campaigns is a far-too-common trap. Your salon should look to achieve quality over quantity. Leaping from a total of 3 new clients per week to a total of 6 is already a 50% increase, so don’t be shaken by small numbers. 

Understand your main client

Who are your regular customers? Are they young women in their early-20’s looking for an Instagram glow? Or ladies in their late 30’s looking to maintain their luscious locks every month? You should aim to market towards specific demographics in order to guarantee effective marketing strategies. You want to find the best way of communicating to this specific client and find out what they value in a beauty salon. Do they prefer fast and cheap service, or a more tailored experience? 

No matter what service you specialise in, it should be the star of your business

Offer your clients your best services and inform them of why exactly your services are valuable. Your customers will only be limited to a price list unless they are actually told of what services to fix. They will most likely need advice and expertise, and your salon should be ready to offer that. Don’t just market new services to new customers, but also make sure to inform your current clients of any new features your salon has to offer, 

Have a game plan and make it a good one

Your plan needs to be the backbone of your salon. Planning out regular promotions and budgeting each campaign will mean efficient and effective organisation. Record any changes in clientele you notice and try to figure out what might be causing this. Take advantage of any increases in popularity or, patch up whatever is causing a decrease. Maintain regular meetings with your team and brainstorm fresh ideas and look to improve in any way you can. All these things take time and effort, but these improvements will result in smoother and higher quality service. 

Every member of your team should be valuable

Don’t just give your customers to new and untrained staff. Train each member before allowing them to take care of important customers, and make sure they are all capable of maintaining a regular clientele. 

So what next? 

Now you’re armed with all this valuable knowledge. What now? Obviously, you need to start practically executing all these ideas. Work towards putting these ideas in place in your salon, the earlier, the better. 

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