There’s a lot of complicated theory out there about retail sales but if you’re looking for a simple and effective way to boost financial growth in your salon, look no further than the Show and Tell method. It might sound a bit ‘kindergarten’, but this sales tactic allows you to target the core of a customer’s problem and provide them with a solution that helps them move forward. After all, that’s what sales are all about – providing customers with a solution to a problem. Once you understand this, you can begin to make the most of Show and Tell.


This tactic is relatively easy to implement as long as you first understand that a sales conversation should always be approached from the viewpoint of your customers’ needs. Never approach a sale thinking about yourself and what’s in it for you – this is exactly how you fail.


Essentially, the Show and Tell method is this – whenever you interact with a customer you should explain what you are doing and why. Show them and tell them. If a customer has booked in for laser hair removal and you decide to apply a hair reduction serum as well, show them the process and explain why you think it would be good for them to use it daily. This shows that you are willing to go above and beyond and share your expertise with your clients.


By sharing you are demonstrating that you care and it’s a lot easier for customers to buy something from someone they think cares about them. If you consciously make showing and telling part of your service style, your clients will thank you for it and your sales are likely to grow.


Some people worry that using a Show and Tell sales tactic can come across as pushy, but the fact is your clients are paying you for expertise and they deserve the benefit of your knowledge. Sharing your solutions in a friendly way is one of the best things you can do as a beauty professional. If a client doesn’t want to take you advice, don’t take it to heart – perhaps they don’t see the value yet, or they need a while to mull it over. All you can do is provide solutions and be ready when they come back to you with a ‘yes’.


For these trickier customers, repeating your show and tell routine is integral. Once is never enough for these clients, but if you persevere and illustrate that you are prioritising their needs, you will go on to achieve positive outcomes. If adding value to your clients’ lives by solving their beauty problems is truly important to you, you won’t stop at the first sign of resistance. Strive to find more options or better solutions and help them solve problems they didn’t even know they had.


The Show and Tell method can help you achieve truly amazing results. When you show a client how something is done and explain how it will solve a problem, you give them an incredible gift. It won’t even feel like selling, it will feel like sharing and they’ll thank you for it.




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