Gone are the days of forking out exponential amounts of money on advertising and marketing, paying through the nose for newspaper ads and banners. These days, it’s all about self-promotion in the simplest of places: your salon premises.

Between a price list, posters on the wall and other paraphernalia, there are plenty of opportunities to push your brand within the four walls of the salon. Best of all, most methods are inexpensive yet effective.

First and foremost, improve the aesthetic. Remove any posters with any other brand’s promotional graphics, as well as any materials that looks a little worn or shabby. This will instantly brighten the space and demonstrate to customers that you care about your place of work.

Second, perform an analysis on your salon windows. Do they stand out and entice clients? Would you walk inside? Measure up the space and start thinking about how you can take full advantage of what essentially is free advertising.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, head to Instagram or Pinterest – both networks have numerous examples to get those creative juices flowing. If that’s not enough, consider these tips:

  • Arrange your windows around a theme, telling a story as the customer walks by
  • Add something that will surprise or entice. Aim for different, not predictable
  • Strong colours and bold shapes are both going to attract the eye, so integrate these into your design. However, it’s worth exercising restraint here – there is such thing as too much!
  • Keep any text short and sweet – with limited time to walk by, you need a customer to read and digest your message before they move onto the next store or attraction.
  • Make sure that the main message or attraction is at eye level. This increases the chances of your design being seen.
  • Organise a quarterly freshen up. Decorations get old, seasons change and regulars get used to the same window display. Make sure you’re keeping things interesting by making a change at least four times a year.

The third way to improve your advertising using your salon premises is to invest in an inexpensive A-Board. It should be eye-catching, high-quality and feature well-designed graphics, but not use too many words or be too busy – keep it simple! By putting one or two of these outside your salon, you are creating yet another avenue in which people can learn about your services.

However, it is imperative that you maintain your A-Board so that it doesn’t appear tattered, wobbly or neglected. Anything that appears shabby outside your space does not set a good precedent going in.

Finally, it’s time to approach the actual salon. Use cards on the reception desk to advertise promotions and prices, as well as posters and banners in the waiting area or on the walls. Don’t forget the bathroom as well! A framed poster makes for a tasteful yet informative addition to any rest room, keeping your services front of mind.

No matter what type of content you put up, it is worth following the KISS method when it comes to design – keep it simple stupid!

A short yet sweet headline should catch the reader’s attention, sitting on a bold and attractive design that also maintains white space. Make sure you use as many sales words as possible, including ‘new’, ‘free’ and ‘you’. You want to show the customer what’s in it for them. Have everyone you know check for spelling and grammar – an error can have big repercussions when it comes to trust.

Just like the windows, it’s worth changing your promotional materials often, creating the illusion of dramatic change within the salon and ensuring they remain clean. This also ensures customers will see the message and not disregard it because they’ve read the same thing 12 times.

The salon can be an incredibly effective way of promoting your services. Best of all, it doesn’t require a large investment – with a few choice materials, you’ll be able to entice customers inside, ensuring consistent client flow and ongoing business.

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